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Pepperfry partners with Cover Genius to bring product protection to India’s furniture market


Cover Genius, an insurtech for embedded insurance announced a partnership with the e-commerce furniture and home goods company, Pepperfry.  By integrating with XCover, Cover Genius’ Pepperfry  can now offer personalized product protection plans directly to customers with a single API call.  This partnership is aimed at bringing a seamless purchase experience for millions of shoppers.  

Arijit Chakraborty, Managing Director, APAC  commented on this announcement and added, “We are excited to partner with one of the largest online retailers in India to enhance protection  options for e-commerce customers. Our research shows 60% of customers prefer to buy protection from their favorite online  retailers. With this in mind, we worked with Pepperfry to create one of the first furniture protection  offerings in the region, providing customers with a more tailored experience at checkout.” 

Pepperfry’s unique click-and-mortar structure allows customers to shop for furniture online and  in-store at Pepperfry Studios. The integration of XCover protects omnichannel customers against  their furniture-related worries in one seamless platform.  

Gourav Agarwal,  Director of Partnerships in India for Cover Genius also added, “The furniture industry can be highly unorganized with low customer trust.Our partnership with Pepperfry offers  customers tailored protection and warranty offers that put them at ease when making a long-term  investment. We look forward to working with other industry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to  co-create protection products that address the unique needs of any retailer or marketplace.”  

Hussaine Kesury, Chief Category Officer, Pepperfry said, “Pepperfry is a place where Indians  shop for their homes. Providing our customers with exceptional experiences is paramount to us.  Through our strategic partnership with Cover Genius, we aim to create a tailored protection for  our customers where they will be able to request for multiple claims at zero added cost.” 

XCover is now integrated into Pepperfry’s online marketplace, enabling customers in India to add  protection and warranties to their online purchases.