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Fraazo announces a refresh of their visual branding with a revamped logo


In order to drive the brand messaging as a reliable grocery delivery platform, Fraazo has undertaken a rebranding exercise that will create an impact through the medium of visual branding with a revamped logo.

The new colours and illustrations signify the vividness of a farm & fresh produce, invoking a sense of happiness, positivity, and dynamism that aligns perfectly with the brand values. The vibrant colors and visual representations are strongly rooted in a simpler life and a deep appreciation for farm-fresh produce.  With this rebranding, Fraazo aims to connect with consumers on a deeper level by bringing about a sensation of reliability and joyfulness.

Fraazo is also tapping consumer touchpoints by revamping the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of their application, delivery fleet uniforms and produce packaging with motifs of fruits and vegetables which should garner more visibility and top-of-the-mind recall for the brand. They endeavor to become a trusted partner for customers who cook, providing them with the best quality fruits and vegetables. 

With this change, the green grocer has planned aggressive marketing campaigns to reach out to a larger customer base for higher impact. To accomplish this, Fraazo will be launching out-of-home & print campaigns supported by multi-city on-ground activations.

Atul Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO of Fraazo expressed, “We’re elated to announce the rebranding of Fraazo to support our renewed vision as well as branding. The change will help us communicate our brand values to all our stakeholders effectively. We are seen as a trustworthy, reliable partner offering farm-fresh groceries to our customers and to maximize impact and high visibility, we have refreshed the logo and visual branding to target all consumer touchpoints. We’re aiming to capture a larger market share and appeal to a wider scale of consumers. As a team, we’re extremely thrilled to connect with our customers on a deeper level through a refreshed look and feel of Fraazo’s visual elements.