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    Ratnadeep Retail: A Sustainable Ecosystem with Quality Products, Shopping Experience and Unmatchable Service


    Ratnadeep Retail Private Ltd. embarked on its glorious retail journey by opening its first store at Kharkhana in 1987. With careful mix of measured risks and rapid expansion, Ratnadeep has today grown to become one of India’s largest and the most awarded supermarket chain in Telangana. Throughout the journey, the core focus of the brand has always been to cater the needs, wants and whims of its customers by providing a wide range of quality products and unmatchable service. As a result, the brand has established itself as an innovative game-changer, by becoming a household name.

    Despite the pandemic, and manpower challenges, Ratnadeep has maintained a steady growth, due to its structured expansion plan and strategy. With 135 operational stores, in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the vision of making Ratnadeep Retail a pan India the hyper local chain of supermarkets is on a solid track.

    In a tête-à-tête with Bureau, Manish Bhartiya, Director, at Ratnadeep Retail talks about the brand journey, strategies and innovations adopted during the pandemic. Bureau, Manish Bhartiya, Director, at Ratnadeep Retail talks about the brand journey, strategies and innovations adopted during the pandemic.

    Tell us about the opportunities and bottlenecks in this region.

    This is the sector which has evolved with the time, consumer behaviour and need.

    There is a huge opportunity to expand and tap a new consumer base. As far as opportunities are concerned, Telangana is a growing hub for retail and IT. It is also the most affordable metro cities primary choice for start-ups, and MNCs. Robust housing demand in the urban part of the city, close connectivity to a lot of districts, leading to urbanization.

    Increasing traffic, rising real-estate prices due to high demand for retail spaces are some of the challenges in the region.

    What is the USP of your brand?

    The USP is to provide the best shopping experience to the consumers. The products at our store are fresh, quality and variety driven. Located at the most convenient and affluent neighbourhoods, widest range of assortments, delightful shopping experience.

    Tell us about the average store size of your brand?

    The average size of the stores is 4,000 sq. ft. The store in Nallagandla (Hyderabad) is the largest store with the space of 15000 sq.ft. and the most popular store in the twin city. The average footfalls in each store is around 700-800 per day.

    Tell us about your business growth in the pandemic era?

    During the pandemic, we grew by 24.5 % on an average in FY20-21 and FY21-22. In the 2nd and 3rd quarter (2020), we launched 38 stores, achieving a landmark expansion in the entire industry. We understood the demand of high-quality groceries and wanted to get closer to a larger customer base.

    Tell us about the learnings and changes which you had to implement due to the pandemic?

    We get the insights that the gradual growth in the business is always better than a sudden spike during any crisis. Due to pandemic, customers have heavily switched to online purchases and is expected to grow year on year. We are coming up with a sustainable Omnichannel platform. Once we ensure we’re all set to give the same ‘Ratnadeep Experience’ through an Omnichannel platform, we’ll launch it at full throttle. Post pandemic, the roll of technology has increased in our business. Analyzing data, reducing the man hour, incresasing efficiency etc are some points covered by the technology.

    Have you introduced any innovative in-store experiences to enhance customer experience?

    We have introduced Ratnadeep Select, to give customers an experiential shopping destination offering curated international products and brands.

    Describe your Omnichannel strategy?

    Our aim is to provide a seamless and efficient e-shopping experience to customers with greater reach across multiple channels. We target our offline customers to stick to our e-commerce, who were ordering through other platforms through instore marketing and communications.

    What are your expansion plans?

    With the cost of business rising drastically year on year, we are primarily working on creating a ‘Sustainable Ecosystem”. Knowing and understanding the need of the hour, we will come-up with a unique Omnichannel platform.

    We are also planning to open more experience driven stores in the long run.

    Tell us about your vision and expectation from 2022?

    Currently, Ratnadeep is the largest privately held supermarket chain in India. The vision is to be the leading supermarket retailer in India and make quality groceries accessible to more and more people across different regions. To create a more efficient model with higher productivity per sq. ft. We see the market consolidating only the retailers with most robust model will survive. Going ahead we aim to innovate and adapt as per the changing market dynamics.