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From tiny acorns big trees grow: How Hearty Mart’s ‘Chef Ki Pasand’ has become a leading HoReCa brand


‘Chef Ki Pasand’, a HoReCa brand from Hearty Mart Enterprise – which manufactures, exports and supplies premium quality powder spice, blended spice, whole spice, Indian rice, ketchup and sauce, and CTC tea – has grown 100X in terms of sales figures in just over a decade. Chef Ki Pasand has seen a manifold increase in per client billing since 2011 – from Rs. 4600 in 2011 to Rs.4,30,000 in 2022 – which proves the unbeatable trust of clients in the brand.  

Targeted towards hotels and restaurants, Chef Ki Pasand is positioned as premium spices brand. As a new product and brand, Chef Ki Pasand came up against many challenges and issues in the initial years. To tackle those challenges and make clients familiar with the product, the brand developed a new idea – a cooking competition for chefs called ‘Chef Ka Kamal’ in 2013. 

‘Chef Ka Kamal’ was conceptualized as a flagship cooking competition between chefs of various hotels and restaurants. It required the chefs to use only in-house “Chef Ki Pasand” spices. The winning chefs were given cash prizes and certificates and it helped them garner much-needed recognition in the restaurant community. 

The competition became an instant success and gave ‘Chef Ki Pasand’ a much-needed push and visibility in the market. The event helped bring in 150 clients into the brand’s tent house and turned these customers into becoming proselytizers for the brand and who used the product as their main spice mix. Besides the novelty of the competition, the culinary show helped drive sales and generated a revenue of about Rs. 7 lakh that year.

In successive years, the Chef Ka Kamal has turned out to be a flagship cooking competition and has turned Chef Ki Pasand into a winning brand much sought after in the HoReCa sector. Currently, Chef Ki Pasand serves more than 1500 clients in the HoReCa segment across Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Over the years, the spices range under Chef Ki Pasand has got richer with the introduction of more products. The brand, which started from a range of 5 products, now has more than 50 products in line. Chef Ki Pasand is also credited with introducing new products in emerging categories like instant mix, blended spice jars, sauce & ketchup, dry fruits, whole spices, rice, and many more.   

Today, Chef Ki Pasand has become a Rs. 7.5 crore brand and Team HeartyMart aims to make it a leading brand in the HoReCa segment across India and also take it to the global markets.