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Clicking with the influencers: D2C brands are using Influencers and Creators to personalize their customer reach and make it click worthy!


The number of D2C brands are exponentially increasing and the major push behind this growth journey has been influenced by the celebrities and influencers. The new-age brands are making the use of the Influencers at both macro and micro levels to market their products/services and utilizing different strategies, marketing tools to create a direct bond with the consumers.

“People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic.” A great quote by Seth Godin clearly defines how marketing strategies should be built. Consumers look to purchase products that they can invest in. This growing consciousness has been the growth platform for Influencer Marketing and today it has become a big game changer within the corpus of marketing. 

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head of Vedix added to this and said, “Influencer marketing has increasingly become a necessity for the brands all around the world because the influencers have the power of their community that helps a brand communicate its message to the target audience. We have already implemented influencer marketing in our recent campaigns and have achieved great success with it”.

Changing the face of business

In a world that is now greatly dominated by the digital route, Influencer marketing has become a big game changer. Earlier, celebrity endorsements used to capture the marketplace but social media marketing has changed the whole game through its effectiveness and affordability. The main credit of this change goes to Millennials and Gen Zs who are running the whole show. 

According to ClickZ, 22% of users in the age group of 18–34 make their buying decisions after watching celebrity endorsements. This statistics clearly hints that today, brand image is built through the influencers, to a greater extent.

Sidharth S Oberoi Founder & CEO, LetsShave told us about their marketing strategies, “LetsShave’s marketing strategy has been to build trust and value through personalized content marketing and engaging with influencers. Even its packaging is smart and practical, the most vital ingredient to establish a brand’s recall in people’s minds.”

Digitalization also gives you quick feedback, which makes the brand understand what to do and what not to do. The growing popularity of Influencer Marketing is getting a huge ROI for the business.

“Our customers send us videos and written testimonials sharing their experience of using our products. We share such personal experiences on our social platforms and believe that this kind of content connects better with new customers because they are able to relate better to those problems and experiences of using the products. We also tie up with a lot of influencers and celebrities to give the brand the right push,” says Gujrati.

Steven Jhangiani CEO and Co-founder, Funky Maharani highlighted this and added, “As a brand we are still finding our feet. Marketing for us has been very Instagram-driven, but we’ve also been fortunate to have had some love from influencers. One of the biggest moments for us was when Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, from Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’, wore two of our jhumkas during promotions for season 2.”

He further added, “It was really a moment that made us feel like we had accomplished something big. Being seen by people like Maitreyi, with a large following, is very important to us. Ultimately, it’s how more people will come to know about us.” With brick and mortar retail stores closed down and physical events canceled, major brands have shifted to omnichannel approach and influencer marketing is now the site for the help. Creators are becoming the cornerstone of every marketing strategy.