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Crafting a niche: Earth Rhythm is spearheading a transparent, innovative approach to win customer loyalty


The beauty and personal care brands have always vouched on experiential buying to pave its growth markers. The traditional brands have hit the bull’s eye in this arena by being voraciously present within the offline retail space. However, the pandemic has changed the equation and fueled by the availability of cheap smartphones and the proliferation of the Internet, consumers are increasingly discovering a host of new products and brands online, and are more than willing to experiment, boosting growth prospects of beauty brands operating in the space. 

The pandemic has made not only the consumer conscious of their shopping needs and made them look for online shopping avenues to get their carts filled, it has also made brands respond to the consumer needs with full glory. From penning down new innovations to interesting packaging to lure the customer to hitting it up with the right marketing approaches, brands have amped by their retail ideals. 

This space has instantly given way to the new-age brands too, who rely on their direct to customer approach to make their beauty and personal care concoction time tested. According to a recent research, In FY 2020 there were 25 million online shoppers, which is expected to reach 135 million shoppers by FY 2025. This growth in online shopping is greatly pulled up by the beauty segment and its new approach which is virtual yet highly experiential. To discuss more on this we spoke to Harini SivaKumar, Founder, Earth Rhythm.

Earth Rhythm is a home-grown brand that offers chemical free skin products. All the products by the brand are created by in-house trained chemists to provide products that are effective, safe and backed by scientific research.   

Innovations that do the talking

The Indian retail sector is huge and D2C brands are creating a huge opportunity to fulfill the demands of the customers through new strategies and innovations. They are personalizing basic customers to make their range click better. Harini Sivakumar told us how new innovations for the brand are helping them create a niche in the market “Earth Rhythm was a homegrown venture. So for me, innovation was a part of the entire process of building through them. So, which means right from finding the product, fitting the product and figuring out what exactly the problem we are solving in the environment for consumers to come and buy the product from all through the right. So I think innovation is also fighting about the product market fit in the industry.”

Educating the customers 

One unique thing about D2C brands and their approach is that they are currently educating their customers about their products and helping them decode the ingredient backbone with clarity. This allows them to stay transparent with their customer base and win their loyalty.

Harini Sivakumar when asked how they are educating the customers about the new innovations and products, said “So when it comes to educating consumers. I think today, thanks to the awareness of social media and a lot of other platforms that are coming up day by day, I think it’s fairly become easier for digital brands like through them to penetrate into the market. At this point of time, it’s easy to exactly find that exact target audience on an online channel. And hence, we figure out that exact target audience that we want to position the product to. And from there, what we do is we bring in concepts to educate consumers now.” 

Sivakumar further added  “Influencer marketing is a great tool, where consumers are wanting more and more user generated content. And this user generated content comes mostly from influencers, lifestyle bloggers, health and wellness experts that are present on these channels, right. So for us, the strategy was very simple to break down the product and its uses to consumers, utilizing the UGC content.”

Overcoming Logistics challenges 

The D2C brands are directly making a connection with their customers, by virtue of social media. But the opportunity also comes with a lot of challenges as well, such as inventory order Management, efficiently processing the order, last-mile order, post purchase consumer experience and more. Providing seamless logistics infrastructure is turning out to be a big challenge for the D2C brands. When asked, Harini Sivakumar informed us about her brand and how they are overcoming this problem “I think as a homegrown venture for us, the biggest advantage has been that we have done each and every step in the entire supply chain process ourselves. Right from the production of the product to the last mile delivery, everything happens at one place which is centralized and we own it and right now we still haven’t figured out going to third party warehouses at this point of time. Today, thanks to Amazon we’ve transitioned from a three day delivery to a 24 hour delivery to a one hour delivery point at this point of time. When you’re scaling a brand there is a huge surge in the logistics itself which is a good sign.”

Sivakumar added, “I think today we are moving to a situation where we have an outsourced warehouse in each and every city and that only means easier for customers. Now, even if there is a pandemic or whatever that’s happening in the environment out there, consumers still want their product to reach them within a day. And which is I think, you know, we are consolidating all of this and we’re building more and more warehouses to be closer to the consumers.” 

Coping up with the competition 

When asked about surviving within a competitive market, Harni Sivakumar answered “We offer personalization, and ensure that the customers right from the time they step into the website, till the time they drop off at every point, we ensure that the customer is actually staying connected to the brand. For that, we implement tools like clever tap web engage, net that helps in customer retention strategies. And ,we also provide personalization which plays a major role, because we are able to directly reach the customer, either through WhatsApp or SMS or through an email, it could be any source, but we’re able to directly reach the customer and give them more personalized kind of attention, which I think is a huge boon in the online segment”.

Harini Sivakumar added the second strategy that their brand is opting for as, “We are giving them information like in offline stores they are getting a 360 degree experience, we are giving that kind of an experience through an online website.”

She added the third strategy, ”We’re giving an easy return process, and I think that’s the biggest challenge most brands have when it comes to standing out in the market. Most of the time we see that when it comes to the return of the product, customers struggle, they have no clue how a purchase buying something online and then returning can work.”