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FabAlley & Indya aims to close financial year at 40-45% growth


In conversation with Tanvi Malik, Co-Founder & CEO, FabAlley&Indya to know the insights of the business.

If you had to pen down your top 3 learnings from 2021 then what would that be?

  • Resilience
  • To be more dynamic in approach
  • Making the entire organization more process-centric.

From your brand’s perspective, what changes did you bring in internally to build a ‘road to recovery last year? 

One of the key internal changes we brought last year was to in-house key production processes such as printing and embroidering, which has enabled a 30-day mind-to-market production turn-around for us, thus making our supply chain even more agile.
To beat order shortages when demand is high, we’ve worked on creating omnichannel linking, which has enabled us to service customers, whether online or offline without any delays.For organizational growth, we have taken steps in increasing team efficiency by introducing roadmaps tracking tools and internal task forces to tackle problems that we didn’t have time to pre-COVID as we were too operationally involved. This has not only increased transparency but has also encouraged process-driven thinking, making each function more robust.

What is your vision for 2022 for your brand? How are you laying the bricks for growth and success in the New Year? Is it going to be an omnichannel journey or putting action to digital transformation or accelerating processes with technology or something else? Tell us your thoughts. 

Our vision for 2022 is to further solidify our position as a leading women’s fashion and lifestyle company by –

  • Expanding our D2c footprint.
  • Building Earthen to not only strengthen it as a fashion brand but to make it a complete lifestyle. We plan to expand the product range of the brand by adding jewellery, shoes, bags and accessories, and a home line that will cover furnishings, décor, and serve ware.
  • Strengthening omnichannel linkages. We’ll continue to focus our efforts in seamlessly servicing demand, be it from online or offline channels by moving stock from one outpost to the other, wherever it is required.
  • Launching an extended range of products under Indya Skin Care in Q1 of 2022.

Based on consumer sentiment post the third wave, we’ll also be looking at slowly expanding our offline footprint again.

How much has the company grown under your leadership in the pandemic period?

We’re looking to close this financial year at 40%- 45% growth over our pre-COVID net revenue.

Elaborate on the initiatives (marketing and digital) which were a success in this period? 

During the pandemic, it made us push ourselves to reflect, re-evaluate, and rethink strategies and connect with our customers with products and services that were relevant to them in their new way of living, socializing and consuming fashion. We did some quick and intelligent pivots to first introduce a WFH edit featuring preppy shirts, versatile blouses, and other keyboard-up formal top wear.

When cities had begun to open up, we launched a line of protective non-surgical masks to enable people to move out comfortably. We then launched loungewear lines for both, FabAlley and Indya, featuring designs that take one from couch to coffee and beyond. We also forayed into the personal care market with Indya Skin Care in 2021.

On the marketing front, we experimented with solutions to work with tighter budgets and yet stay relevant and add value to people’s realities. On social media, and through newsletters, we started engaging with our audience on aspects of their life that move beyond fashion. On the other hand, on our webshops, we upped customer experience by offering them a more personalized journey with AI-based catalogue curations and recommendations. Further, we incentivized our loyal shoppers with exclusive offers and vouchers, pre-launch releases, and new product samples. We’ve also further strengthened our influencer program. In addition to key macro bloggers, we started working with some stellar micro and regional influencers who hold great credibility.