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Exploring new avenues


Enrich is a prominent 24-year-old beauty brand with the largest chain of company-owned and company-operated hair & beauty services in the country. From being one of the leading salon chains in India with over 80 salon outlets and providing home beauty services across six cities – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, and Bengaluru- Enrich has transformed into a beauty destination with a leading beauty image; large format experiential stores with a separate section allocated for beauty services, and a robust beauty e-commerce presence with a wide range of makeup, skin, hair, personal care, fragrance, and men’s grooming brands.

Enrich, India’s largest home-grown beauty services brand is launching India’s first all-inclusive beauty destination in Mumbai. The 5000+ sq.ft. Large-format store provides immersive shopping from the widest range of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances, bath & body, men’s grooming categories and beauty accessories.   

The store debuts with over 50 brands with a catalogue of more than 5000 products that includes luxury brands like Givenchy, Burberry, Elizabeth Arden, Kérastase, Roberto Cavalli, Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Dermologica, Thalgo etc. It features clean skincare and clean haircare brands like Born Ethical, KAMA Ayurveda, Human+Kind, Olaplex etc. It also houses Gen Z’s favorite’s makeup brands like NYX Professional Makeup, Maybelline Newyork etc. along with the new-age brands like mCaffeine, Mamaearth etc.

Amongst its many firsts, the Enrich beauty destination offers an innovative lipstick bar where you can mix and match to create your desired signature shade in trendy tones. Personalized skincare consultations from beauty advisors, the beauty bar also offers mini makeovers and makeup tutorials consisting of diamond lips, smokey eyes, charcoal glitter lids, golden glam eye shadow, sculpt & contour, tips to get perfect eyebrows and iconic eyeliner looks.

In an exciting conversation with Vivek Bali, CEO, Enrich we try to decode the new paths the brand is set to travel!

Tell us a little about this new store, to start with

Well, I think this is a new concept that we have launched in India and it is, you know, basically based on the needs of our customer, they buy a lot of products and they come for a lot of services. So, we combined beauty retail with beauty services. And this Infinity Mall, Malad (Mumbai) store is the largest obviously in Bombay, at 5000 square feet and probably the largest in India. Also, it comprises both beauty, retail and beauty services. In beauty retail, we have a collection of about 80 brands, and they go from luxury to premium to you know, and mass storage. And they’re very well bifurcated, you know, in their own space.  We’re very proud to open this store and it has been getting a fantastic response.

What about the planning and the strategy, which you put to action to make the shift to this format happen?

Yeah actually, you know, we had done a survey with our customers in Enrich and we wanted to understand what kind of services they are liking and what are the products that they buy from us and from outside. So, we got a long list from our loyal customers. Customers who come on a monthly basis to our store gave us their list and we thought, why don’t we offer them these brands and therefore started off creating a format which has beauty retail in the front and beauty services to support it at the back end. Beauty services is the backbone but we also have beauty retail coming in front. And so that’s how the thought was born. Now that we have this store we plan to expand all across the country. So, we have started off with Bombay and Maharashtra and obviously will extend into Gujarat and Karnataka going into North India and going into East India to Kolkata and Guwahati. So, phase one, we are looking at about 25 doors. Phase two, we are looking at another 25 doors. That’s how we have planned this whole roll out plan for this format.

What goes in the backend? Training, product knowledge, and technology, how does it all work?

is famous for its academy. The academy is the backbone of all training that happens across Enrich and people who go through the training, 99% get absorbed with us only. And so that’s the source from which we get people into our stores. And so that Academy specializes in haircare, skincare, makeup, and so on. So, the training is our base camp. So, that’s taking care of the backend, front end training for retail, is done by a host of our experienced retail employees, who bring a lot of retail knowledge to the front. Moreover, we house a list of brands starting from luxury to premium to sustainable and selling these brands requires a certain knowhow. So, each and every brand is on the training calendar and we train each and every employee before joining the store regarding the brands they are going to sell and empower our staff regarding the beauty universe they will be a part of at Enrich. So, the moment we plan to start a store, from identifying the location to store design to launch, to building the team, it easily takes 3 months in the pipeline to have the framework in place, before we set out with execution.

What is the e-commerce strategy you have put in place?

Our e-commerce strategy is in sync with our stores. So what we offer in our stores will also be available online. And our website is under development right now. And although we have our app, which is functional, and a lot of brands which are in the store are already online, with us and customers can shop through the application. The idea is that, in probably a month’s time, the website will also go live fully. So, we wish to give the customer a fantastic ‘Omni’ experience, which they can shop from the convenience of their house from any of our own touchpoints. They can browse online and click and collect at the store or buy online, or they can come to the store and shop. And if they come to the store and shop and they don’t find a particular product in this store, they have the option to select the product from the other store, and the other store will deliver it to their house. So we really don’t want the customer to go back without being satisfied with the product or service that they were looking for. So that’s a total Omnichannel approach that we have. And again, we have a very strong e-commerce team, which has joined us and is working on that. 

What about technology and innovation? What are the implementations you are making?

Yeah, so I think technology obviously plays a major role in building up this new format from ground zero. In order to give our customers a good service and a seamless offering online and an agile shopping experience offline, we are using a lot of software to drive the omnichannel footprint for the brand. Apart from that we are using the right technology to drive virtual trials and make it look extremely realistic. We are using technology and AI to build in recommendations for our customers and offer cart suggestions. So, at every step it is a complete package and it only gets better from here.