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UK based thread company Coats published 2021 Sustainability report


Coats, the leading global thread’s company has published its 2021 Sustainability report titled ‘Pioneering a Sustainable Future: Accelerating our Journey’. The report contains information regarding the progress that has been made against its Sustainability strategy launched in 2019. 

The 56-page detailed report highlighted the relevance of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) to Coats, as well as its opportunities and responsibilities towards SDGs. 

The report mentioned that In 2021, Coats achieved 22% reduction in water usage, 6.9% reduction in kWh per kilogram of production against a target of 7% by the end of 2022, 82% of effluent was compliant with ZDHC against a target of 100% by the end of 2022, 3% reduction in waste and 19% of the sales of premium polyester threads which were made up of recycled materials.

Rajiv Sharma, Group Chief Executive said on this “I am pleased with the substantial progress we have made in 2021 towards delivering our Sustainability targets. Our commitment to sustainability does not end when we achieve our 2022 targets. As an industry there is a long way to go and Coats has long term ambitions to ensure it will be at the leading edge of pioneering a sustainable future.”

Coats recently received validation of its ambitious climate targets for 2030 by the Science Based Targets initiative. In addition to this in 2050 Coats will be carbon neutral through accelerating its progress in water and energy reduction, shifting to more renewable energy and responsible effluent treatment as well as through our materials transition.

Coats recently announced that the Innovation Hub – Asia would have a new mission and be repurposed to focus on the application of biomaterials. The Hub is being renamed Coats Sustainability Hub and is now fully focused on its new mission.