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    Beruru aims to double the revenue rate in 2022


    In conversation with Radeesh Shetty, Founder, Beruru to know the insights of the business.

    If you had to pen down your top 3 learnings from 2021 then what would that be?

    • To focus more on technology  and digital strategies
    • Build on omnichannel offerings
    • A good team to stay nimble and adapt quickly to change.

    From your brand’s perspective, what changes did you bring in internally to build a ‘road to recovery last year? 

    We are trying to connect and interact with consumers by optimizing our website and regularly updating them with new launches and blogs to build a presence on search engines. We took a step back in terms of hiring and encouraged our in-house team to take up additional roles and have them work together towards a common goal. We also set out a limited budget to widen the net and reach potential customers.

    What is your vision for 2022 for your brand?

    We are thinking more than ever about how we inhabit our homes and use our spaces; and Beruru as a brand would like to be in the forefront. Through Beruru we are looking to create a calming sanctuary and help people accommodate more time spent at home. We are aiming to double the revenue run rate in 2022 with the introduction of more verticals and providing a unique experience for our customers.

    How are you laying the bricks for growth and success in the New Year? Is it going to be an omnichannel journey or putting action to digital transformation or accelerating processes with technology or something else? Tell us your thoughts. 

    Further to the previous response, technology is going to play a major role in the growth strategy. Our aim is to integrate the right technology that will enable customer learning, automat lead generation, and motivate consumers to buy from our online website. Content being the main focus; as shoppers are researching purchases directly through searches on Google, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

    Elaborate on the initiatives (marketing and digital) which were a success in this period? 

    One of our innovative approaches was a virtual walkthrough of our store. I think we were able to give customers sitting in the comfort of their homes a walkthrough of our stores virtually where it didn’t feel like shopping online. Customers would ask us to pause, go closer to a product, zoom in, move it etc. We also hosted a series of workshops, demos and talks both on insta live and zoom. We always had a great turn out for the same. We played amid organic marketing tactics and paid activities to work out a balanced sales plan.