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Monrow -a young and eccentric footwear brand


Monrow aims to transform the category by walking down an untrodden path in crafting contemporary, bold products that are not shy of challenging norms and making their own mark. The brand goes a step further by offering its customers the service of its in-house shoe stylists who attend to their needs and help answer queries, thus making the entire experience more enjoyable. 

Monrow’s customer base has quadrupled since its inception at a steady pace, and has become 4x since the second wave of the pandemic.

The brand has also witnessed its revenue double year-on-year, as it touched `15-20 crore in annual earnings.

Early in 2021, the footwear brand secured a Pre Series- A funding and since then, has escalated its game. It hopes to soon be a 100 crore business within the next 24-36 months.