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Dollar Industries Limited Q3 Results ; 11 pc Volume Growth in Q3FY22


Dollar Industries Limited, one of the leading Garment & Hosiery companies in the country has announced its financial results for the quarter ended December 31st, 2021.

The Total Revenue for Q3FY22 & 9MFY22 stood at Rs.383.55 crore & Rs.980.05 crore as compared to Rs.312.44 & Rs.729.99 crores for Q3FY21 & 9MFY21 growth of 22.76% for Q3FY22 & 34.25 % for 9 Month FY22.

The operating revenue stood for Q3FY22 & 9MFY22 at Rs.382.05 & Rs.977.31crore as compared to Rs.311.79 and Rs.728.64crores for Q3FY21& 9MFY21, growth of 22.53 % for Q3FY22 &34.13 % for 9 Month FY22.

EBITDA for Q3FY22 & 9MFY22 stood at Rs.65.80 crore i.e. 17.16% & Rs.164.07 crore i.e. 16.74 % as compared to Rs.43.81 crore i.e. 14.02 % & Rs.108.31 crores i.e. 14.84% for Q3FY21 9MFY21, growth of 50.19% & 51.47 % for Q3FY22 & 9 Month FY22.

Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar Industries Commented on this results, and said, “The financial results for the third quarter of FY21-22 indicates that the Company has
been able to align itself with its growth trajectory as we have witnessed a greater demand for our products in the market. We have witnessed volume growth in Q3FY22 around 11 % and 14% in Nine Month FY22.We have also managed to bring down our Working Capital cycle from 178 days in March,2021 to 154 days in December,2021.”