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The Derma Co. Celebrates its Second Anniversary, Becomes Rs 100 cr Run Rate Brand


The Derma Co.,a skincare brand celebrates two milestones this January- its 2nd anniversary and a 100 Cr. run rate, an official statement highlighted. 

Designed by  dermatologists, The Derma Co. is a skincare brand created using effective science-based ingredients targeted to heal skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, open pores, and more. Started as a Direct-to Consumer channel brand, now retails across leading marketplaces such as Nykaa, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

The Derma Co. encourages its consumers to live life without filters and believes in treating skin concerns from within to reveal their true-beautiful-selves. Over the last 2 years, the brand has been able to foster  and nurture relationships with over 1 million consumers through their journey to achieving #Filterfree  skin. 

As consumers evolve and learn more about ingredients, efficacy, and clinical results, they are open to  experimenting with skincare to solve their skin woes. The Derma Co. has been able to create the perfect  alchemy of modern science with proven clinical results. Consumers are more aware than ever and  understanding the consumers need to know about ingredients, benefits and results, The Derma Co.  honestly mentions the name and percentage of the key ingredient in the front of the packaging. The brand  also mentions the other important ingredients on the packaging ensuring transparency and support the  claims of efficacy.  

Designed by dermatologists using hardworking science-based ingredients, The Derma Co. has been able  to create some exceptional products, in first of its kind formulations. The brand created a 15%  Niacinamide serum, becoming the first to create a stable formulation at such a high percentage. From  crafting 3 formats of retinoids to serve all skin type, to creating 2% Kojic Acid formulation in both cream  and serum formats, the brand has always kept the changing consumer demands at the core and provided  solutions with ingredients that solve millennial skincare concerns. The brand is constantly exploring  ingredients and creating formulations to give consumers more options to choose basis their skin type and  concern. Owing to this, the brand has become a one-stop destination that provides solutions targeted at  solving millennial skin concerns. 

“It is overwhelming to see where we have reached in 2 years. The Derma Co. is a brand that came to life  from my personal experience. I learnt from a dermatologist who introduced me to world of active  ingredients as an effective solution to stubborn skin concerns. We are on a quest to provide effective  skincare solutions with potent ingredients like Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, and others to create  a repertoire of solutions to get that #FilterFreeSkin. As we celebrate our second anniversary, we will  continue our quest to creating innovative products with science-based solutions that are safe and  effective. We are committed to serving our consumers with the best skincare solutions and hope they continue supporting us through our journey.” said Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer,  Honasa Consumer Private Limited.

With a firm belief in transparency, The Derma Co. discloses the percentage of potent ingredients on the  front of the packaging itself; while offering products that are cruelty-free, and completely safe. As the  brand celebrates #2YearsOfFilterFreeSkin, they are on a constant quest to innovate their product portfolio  and committed to making #FilterFreeSkin a way of life. The brand believes that everyone should be able  to live life without filters by treating skin concerns from within and revealing the beautiful skin they are  born in.