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New York Burrito Company opens its 18th outlet in Palladium, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel


New York Burrito Company announced the launch of its 18th outlet in Palladium, Phoenix Mills at Lower Parel, an official statement highlighted.

New York Burrito Company is aggressively expanding its outlets across Mumbai to make sure that great quality and easy-on-the-wallet Mexican food is easily accessible to all who want to enjoy fresh & authentic Mexican cuisine, including a good meal right before you board the flight.

Having stayed in New York and living on Mexican food, Founder Senil Shah missed it a lot when he moved back to India and had one goal in mind to own a chain of authentic Mexican fast food restaurants back at home.

Senil Shah, Founder, New York Burrito Company commented on this “When I was in New York, I literally lived on burritos and tacos that were made of the freshest ingredients but still had that element of a quick eat but yet flavourful. I wondered why no one had done this in India when the Mexican and Indian flavours have so much similarity and I knew I wanted to do this the fast food chain way so as to be able to scale it and not create a premium luxury Mexican model which has not done well in the past,” he commented on the genesis of NYBC. “So I started with one and then soon realized I needed to be able to service many more areas of Mumbai and Mexican food needs to be eaten fresh so we will keep going till we cover all the areas.”

Their outlets at Bandra, BKC, Kala Ghoda, Thane, Oshiwara, Malad to Juhu till Goregaon all the way to their flagship outlet in Chowpatty are constantly buzzing for dine-in or take out through their delivery partners such as Swiggy and Zomato.

 “Today we have 18 outlets and a few more in the pipeline so we can cover more ground and ensure availability. Our partnership with Palladium Phoenix Mills was something I was keen on because it captures a great target audience of mallgoers who love to snack and grab a quick bite for which our Mexican fast food is the perfect solution – simple classic flavours but they still pack a punch and give you a satiating meal. So this launch is very special for us because it’s a great place to be,” said Shah on the new launch at Palladium, Phoenix Mills.

New York Burrito Company also stays true to its commitment of bringing authentic fresh Mexican food to the people of Mumbai. They don’t only aim to serve great food but also promote local farmers.

“While we use 100 % hass avocados sourced directly from Peru, South America for our guacamole and avocado milkshake, the rest of products are sourced from premium local players. In this way we do our small bit to support the local players and help them to grow with us. Although we do make sure that the ingredients sourced from local markets are right up to the international quality standards. This way we are not just bringing the world cuisine to India but also taking the India to the world,” said Shah.