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Slurrp Farm- packed with goodness


Slurrp Farm is a millet-based packaged food brand that offers healthy eating options for children. They were born from the concern that the current food system is broken, and requires innovation and creativity to re-introduce sustainable, nutrient dense and diverse ingredients back into children’s diet. The idea is to bring back super grains such as ragi, sorghum and other millets into their diet.

The brand raised Series A investment from Fireside Ventures in Dec’20. The brand has also seen 3x growth during the pandemic.

In the last two years up till March 2021 (FY19-21) they have grown their sales by 4x, and they closed FY21 with revenue of `6.8 Cr. They have seen very strong growth in business in the last 6 months; their current annual run rate is `24crore and growing.

Currently Slurrp Farm reaches more than 70K customers on a monthly basis across various marketplace platforms, with strong repeat rates of 40%+ across various marketplace channels. Their website has seen a 100% increase in monthly active customers in the last 12 months.