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MasterChow- creating flavourful experiences


MasterChow is the brainchild of Sidhanth Madan and Vidur Kataria. With 5+ yrs of F&B experience via their cloud kitchen outlet Wok Me, they’d experienced first hand the demand for pan-Asian food in India. After extensive market research, they were able to identify the market gap for a premium, homegrown brand that catered to an evolved palette.

The brand acquired it’s first 5,000 customers organically via word of mouth and with zero paid marketing spends and have now scaled to 7-8X of that customer base (35-40kcustomers) and continue to rapidly expand via marketplaces. The brand started with their own Shopify store to stay true to being a D2C brand. Eventually, they launched on Amazon earlier in the year to boost sales and brand discovery. They are currently expanding their state-of-the-art production facility that will allow them to scale up production.

MasterChow has experienced a revenue growth of 20-30% month on month. They retail two main categories right now – stir-fry sauces and noodles. Both ranges are designed to offer you convenience and real, authentic flavours at an affordable price point.