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Coutloot boosts income of over 6 lakh sellers


Coutloot, a social commerce platform announced that it has helped over 6 lakh small street shops and sellers expand their business online since this year and boosted their income seven times.

The company said that the average seller earns Rs.16,000 on the platform every month as compared to Rs.2,300 at the start of pandemic 2020.

Jasmeet Thind, Co-Founder, Coutloot said on this “We aim to expand and evolve the platform for the betterment of the sellers as well as buyers. The team has been customizing the app for our users who are not tech-savvy. We are overcoming such challenges with new updates in the app that have experienced a great response. We currently have over 10 million app downloads and are in the top 20 shopping apps in the country by playstore ranking.”

Coutloot founded by Thind and Mahima Kaul is a platform that allows buyers and sellers to bargain while shopping. It helps sellers list non-MRP unbranded local market products across different categories. By 2022, the platform is expecting a GMV of 1000 crores due to the rising demand from smaller towns.