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    Innovating the concept of fragrances with a vision


    Feeling Perfume Bar, as the name suggests is unique and has brought to life to give a varied taste to the Indian audience. A never witnessed before concept, FP is a true experience that Hatim wishes to deliver, across India. Highly focused on his business and serving people with distinct quality, he discusses the inception of the brand and how he is strategizing to make it grow at an accelerated pace.

    Starting from the Start

    Hatim on one of his trips to Oman discovered the concept of perfume bar and once back from the trip, he kept pondering over the idea of bringing this concept to India. “It was new to me, and I could actually see a perfume bottle being packed in front of my eyes. I also could choose my bottle. What stayed with me was the experience and how that open kiosk-like set-up wooed me to try the perfume and buy it,” Hatim mentions.

    While he admits that the idea’s seed was sown in Oman, but the same is being nurtured and grown by his own acumen and his team’s support. Soon after, he actioned a plan and got into a partnership with this brand to bring in their concoction to India in the perfume bar style. “Even though we have our own experts helping us with our fragrances,we listen a lot to our customers. They are the ones who dictate our product line. Every small suggestion made by them is discussed within the team and we work towards it – if we see value in.

    However, just after his first store launch at the Orion mall in Bengaluru,Hatim understood the effifi cacy of setting up his own backend operations within India and how it will help him in his journey to expand across the length and breadth of India. That’s when he started focusing on the brand’s manufacturing in his own facilities.

    “Open Store Booth is what I opted for as my product is for all & any age. I want anyone to be able to walk up into my space and feel the fragrance, experience how beautiful perfume is when it’s getting filled in a bottle and the best part – you can do it yourself,” he adds further.

    The Concept

    Feeling Perfume Bar with 4 operational stores in the top malls of South India is holding on to a strong concept of serving perfume to customers in a bar set-up. The friendly open booth set-up inspires customers to step in, ask for a pour and then mix it the way they want. The brand also encourages customers to come back with empty bottles, so they can refifi ll their favourite signature perfume back in the same bottle and go.

    “We do not charge them a full price for the perfume when they come back for a refill with the empty bottle. The idea we hold on to is environment-friendly luxury and we do not want to exploit anyone in the process. We are in business to sell an experience and never will tamper that for an unnecessarily hefty price tag,” Hatim assures.

    He mentions that it was not easy to come and sell perfumes in a bar set-up and it had its own set of challenges and involved a lot of convincing the customer too. This was where knowledge sharing and sampling helped. From spraying the customers on the go while they are at the mall to using the digital media to educate the customer, Feeling Perfume has worked hard to establish a stronghold in the market.

    Expansion Plans

    With plans to quickly open stores in Tier I & II cities in North, South and West India, FP Bar is growing strength to strength and Hatim mentions that only when they may have conquered the entire offline horizon, they will step into the online arena. He wants to build the brand through the offlfl ine experience, as the concept is very experiential.

    Before the end of the financial year the brand plans to have seven operational stores in Bengaluru. Between January to March another six stores have been planned in Kerala and Hyderabad. Apart from that the brand is set to open in leading airports, as they want to cater to both national and international customers. They are also planning to have at least 20 stores across India before May-June 2022. The brand would be getting into the home fragrance category very soon considering this segment is growing at a fast pace owing to the pandemic.