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Licious- celebrating the love of meat


Licious is a brand for meat lovers. The company was established in 2015 & went on to revolutionize the Indian meat & seafood sector. The brand has a presence today in 14 Indian cities and is catering to 2 million unique customers per month. They make cooking as well as eating meat and seafood at home a joyous experience. The company started with raw & fresh meat & seafood which moved onto ready-to-eat & ready-to-cook categories later on.

In 2019, Licious introduced India’s first meat-based spreads, which were followed by the introduction of a seafood-based version of the same. Licious curates products for each market- be it in terms of cuts for raw meats & fish or reinventing regional delicacies like chicken ghee roast for Bengaluru & Prawn Sukka for Maharashtra.

Currently, the brand has 100+ delivery centers. Their delivery feet are getting 1.5X stronger than that of pre-COVID time, despite the attrition during the initial lockdown period. Licious has raised $286 million, so far. In 2021, the company raised $192 million as part of the Series F round, led by the Singapore government’s investment company Temasek, and Multiples Private Equity.