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Kivu- delivering healthy cookies


Kivu believes that a happy planet thrives on happy food & it is the brand’s vision to serve the healthiest food that is delicious, accessible, exciting & socio-environmentally responsible. Kivu was launched in Dec-2019 and offers sugar-free cookies made from ragi, jowar, oats, flaxseed, rajgira, moringa and more. Moreover, the brand brings to the table world’s first sun-baked cookies which is revolutionizing the food segment. This brand has many takers today and is growing at a promising pace.

The founders, Vaibhav Dugar and Dr. Minal Kabra, had started with a self-investment of Rs 6 lakh, and

the company recorded a turnover of Rs 33 lakh in 2020-21. The brand is retailing through Amazon, Flipkart, Well Versed, Vegan Dukan, Lbb, and 1mg. The brand has sold 1,83,000 cookies until date, by spreading its footprint across 18 cities in India.