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How do diet and nutritional supplements go side by side in the fight against Covid-19?


Our immunity system plays a vital role in helping us to stay healthy. The pandemic has forced human beings to revisit their health and lifestyle priorities to avoid the havoc it created on the well-being of the humans. It’s rightly said, ‘health is wealth’ but the Covid-19 has taken a toll on our fitness, and overall well-being. As we are well aware with the fact that the, the SARS-virus affects our immune system, and people with co-morbidities are more prone to contract this disease. Additionally, we are continuously exposed to harmful microbes which goes unnoticed. 

Our immune system, a network of intricate stages in the body protects us against these harmful microbes as well as certain diseases. Considering our hectic lifestyle our body unintentionally becomes the host for diseases to thrive on. To ensure proper functioning, our body requires balance and harmony.

Our immune system is a very vital component for our body that defends us from the SARS/Covid-19 disease. If we have to protect ourselves from an external virus, then, we need to protect our body first by strengthening the immune system. Here, it is important to understand that our immune system is highly complex and it gets impacted by the surrounding environment and also our lifestyle. Even, developing a stronger immunity is no rocket science or a complex procedure, you just need to incorporate simple yet effective changes into your lifestyle and make them a habit. Measures such as involving nutritious food in our diet, practising hygienic habits, walking and exercising regularly, maintaining good emotional and mental health by practicing meditation and having adequate sleep can significantly contribute in regulating and boosting the immune system. 

While following the above mentioned measures, incorporating balanced diet can work wonders. Half the battle to achieve healthy immune system can be won by making some conscious changes in the eating habits. But people often fail to realise the importance of proper nutrition in enhancing the energy levels and mental health. For instance, during winter seasons the appetites also changes, we tend to eat fat and oily food which makes us lazy in doing daily activities. It is important to make the right food choices to maintain weight, boost your energy, immune system, and overall health. As it helps you fight off colds and makes feel more energetic.


Similarly, our body demands nutrients which makes sure that we are active and have a good amount of energy to do the all-day- activities. If we won’t take proper precautions, then definitely the chances are high that we will feel low and tired. The reasons for low immunity are the reduced humidity levels prevalent during winters and the inactivity of your body which makes us feel lethargy, tired, and affects our overall well-being. Hence, including seasonal fruit and vegetables into diet covers up for all the nutritional requirement of the body.

Then apart from this, while focusing on physical fitness and diet, people generally side line the importance of mental health. For the realization of healthy life, it becomes imperative to strike the right balance between physical and mental health. Both the faculties together account for strengthened immune system. Indulging in 15-20 minutes meditation gives unmatched results to the body. 

In addition to the above mentioned roadblocks, some people have increased nutrient requirement. There are also instances where the body requires more energy as compared to other days. As people have realized the importance of holistic health, they have started taking multivitamin to compensate for the loss and fill for the nutritional gap. Such health supplements are rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D which are crucial for the growth and functioning of the immune system and overall wellness of the body. The nutrients in it enhances the immune system by fulfilling various roles like working as antioxidant to protect healthy cells, supporting the growth and activity of immune cells, and producing antibodies. Hence, even doctors recommend consumption of multivitamins to improve the immunity to keep the risk of getting infected with viruses at bay. 

The pandemic further intensified this realization around the importance of such supplements and this pushed Mankind Pharma to re-launch ‘Health OK’ Multivitamin in the OTC category. Its unique formulations of natural ginseng and taurine help in keeping up the energy. Backed up with 20 multivitamin and minerals, it immensely aids in overall health improvement and Vitamin C, D and Zinc assist in immunity building. All the elements are aimed at helping people cope up with lifestyle problems.