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Kandee Factory : Candies on Demand


Kandee Factory is at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices and is the one of the only manufacturers that harnesses the power of atmospheric air water extraction technology in order to make environmentally friendly candies and confections.

Further, they work together with local farmers to repurpose biomass by extracting pigments that Kandee Factory uses to make their all-natural colours.

Kandee Factory brand production is 100% managed and powered by women and has witnessed a 100% y-o-y revenue growth. The brand revenue in the FY(2020-2021) was 1.52 crores.

The candy brand is retailing across prominent marketplaces such as Amazon India, amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Swiggy Instacart, Ola foods. The growth in the international market has helped the brand to create a buzz around its products in India and given them an opportunity to try new markets and assess potential large outcomes in the brand’s business models at global level. Kandee Factory believes to appeal to the conscious consumer who takes consumption seriously.