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72% respondents spent more on fashion in 2021 than last year: Report


According to ZestMoney, 72% of respondents spent more on fashion in 2021 than the previous year, indicating a resurgence in consumer spending and demand in the segment.

A consumer survey was carried out to understand better customer shopping behaviour and  preferences in the fashion industry. The pan-India study drew 2800 responses, 85% of whom  were millennial and Gen Z.

According to the survey, customers in the age group of 18-30 drove the demand for online  fashion with 71% of them spending on the category. Also, the average ticket size of women  transactions was 20% higher than that of male transactions. Infact, 58% of the respondents  said they have spent more than Rs 5,000 on their fashion needs over the last 3 months. About  54% of them surveyed said they would prefer BNPL to finance their fashion purchases. Debit,  credit cards and cash were the other popular options.

The top Tier I cities driving demand for fashion and beauty are Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai,  Hyderabad, and Pune. Top tier II and III markets fuelling demand included Assam, Anantapur,  Haridwar, and Kanchipuram.

E-commerce platforms remained the preferred means of buying for the majority of customers,  with 72% preferring online shopping due to the enhanced convenience and hassle-free  experience it provides. However, 76% said they were also comfortable purchasing in person  at physical stores

Lizzie Chapman, CEO & Co-Founder ZestMoney commented on the trend, said,  “Globally, fashion and beauty are the biggest categories for BNPL. In India, fashion and  lifestyle is emerging as one of the largest categories for us. Consumers love the flexibility and  convenience of pay later for their fashion purchases and we expect the category to see  increasing adoption. Our ‘Pay in 3’ offering that lets customers pay over three months at no  interest is highly popular and is driving demand here. 75% of all our fashion/lifestyle  transactions are driven by the ‘Pay in 3’ option as it’s a great convenience and affordability fit  for the category. It also helps merchants with an increase in conversation and ticket size, so  a huge win-win for everyone.”

He further added to the statement, ” The survey highlights that today’s digitally savvy millennial and Gen Z are increasingly taking  to Pay later to fund their fashion needs. In fact, we have seen a 100% growth in transactions  for the category with the merchant base doubling over the last three months. We are adding the largest merchants in the space, especially direct to consumer (D2C) brands who want to  enable affordability for their customers. This is a category that will see a lot of action in the  coming year too.”

Other noteworthy survey findings include:-

  • 73% said they are environmentally conscious and prioritise sustainability while  shopping for fashion. This indicates the rising trend of customers making eco-friendly  choices and supporting brands that endorse ethical fashion.
  • 75% respondents preferred supporting local, home-grown brands over International  brands to push made in India
  •  88% respondents stated that comfort continues to drive their sense of style and fashion  purchases
  • Fashion influencers were the go-to for 51% respondents while opting for a particular  brand or style