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Milestone reached: Amazon India is now over 10 lakh sellers strong


Amazon India has hit a big milestone by bringing in over 10 lakh sellers on its platform. More than 4.5 lakh merchants have joined the platform in the last two years making the count of sellers go up within a short span of time. Over 90% sellers on the platform are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs) and over half of the sellers are from Tier-II and III cities. 

Manish Tiwary, Vice President – Amazon India when talking about this stellar achievement, mentioned “It is heartening to see the role Amazon is playing in enabling small local businesses across the country, including local offline retailers and neighbourhood stores from across India that are adopting e-commerce and placing their trust in Amazon to grow their business by selling online, participating in last mile deliveries, joining assisted shopping and more.” 

He further added to the statement, “As we look forward, we remain committed to our pledge of digitizing 10 million SMBs including the ubiquitous dukaans. We strongly believe that Amazon can play a significant role in fuelling India’s digital economy to its $1 trillion ambition.”

Amazon India started in 2013 but over the years they have only counted growth. Further, adding to its glory the e-commerce company had also declared earlier that 79% of the customers are from Tier-II and III cities, and that it is taking special measures to be able to serve these sectors, uninterrupted.