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Earthy Tales: Giving the customer the real taste of food


Earthy Tales was established with the objective to make wellness a holistic subject by introducing the adoption and use of healthy foods and sustainable farming practices. The company desires to educate consumers about the importance of clean, organic ingredients for their overall well-being. The founders of this online organic grocery store believes that healthy food and responsible farming drives the 3 Ps i.e People and Planet well-being first and Profits later. 

Deepak Sabharwal, Co-Founder, Earthy Tales mentions “Our strategy is majorly focused on offering relevant content relating to food, healthy cooking and holistic wellness. Being a trust-based and sustainable food brand, our customers have a key say in how we operate, our sourcing, our packaging – we are completely transparent and together with our customer community, we take a lot of initiatives to build a waste-free, clean food system. Together, the customer community has helped avoid more than 1,00,000 kg of pesticides getting into our soil and food annually. Our customers are emotionally invested in us, and it will be fair to say that we are a community-led brand.”

Earthy Tales closed its first external funding round from angel investors in 2021. The funds, as planned, will be used to grow the brand’s top line and allow the team to undertake strategic moves to enhance its penetration across the country. In the few years of its existence, the revenue for the brand has been growing 45-50% year-on-year with the customer base growing 80% rate. 

In terms of the geographical expansion of its D2C model, it will move to two new locations in 2022. New products under the nutraceutical category will also be launched in H1 2022. Soon, it will start working on the next round of fundraising, from Q1 2022, that will facilitate the brand’s entry into new markets.