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PDS Platform is augmenting its brand positioning & higher management


PDS, a multinational fashions limited is no longer just a fashion company, but the company has evolved into a truly global design and innovation-driven plug and play platform.

The company is gearing itself for the next phase of growth, which is driven by expanding geographic footprint, catering to new categories, and increasing wallet share through strategic sourcing agreements, an official statement highlighted.

As PDS embarks on this journey, it is also taking steps to further strengthen its brand positioning and augment the corporate governance at PDS and its key subsidiaries. Such a robust governance framework enables PDS and its key entities to benefit from a diverse and highly experienced Board of Directors.

With an aim to exemplify simplicity and agility, the Company has changed its name to “PDS Limited”. The new name ‘PDS Limited’ associates with the core values of integrity, transparency, and customer-centricity and positions the brand as a Global, Collaborative, Digital & Ethical Platform. 

PDS has further augmented its board with the appointment of two new directors. With this addition, PDS now has five new Board of Directors.