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Fashinza and BlackSoil partner to provide global demand and credit to small manufacturers in India


Fashinza has announced a strategic partnership with Mumbai-based alternative credit platform, BlackSoil Capital by signing a definitive agreement. The association will help to finance small manufacturers, expedite the manufacturing process, and help balance the global demand and supply. Through this partnership, both the companies will empower local manufacturers to work directly with the biggest fashion brands, both domestic and international, and deliver world-class solutions. 

The apparel industry, in its current state, has several brands and manufacturers operating at various economies of scale. A major challenge for local manufacturers is that they lack the requisite cash flow to fulfil demands from giant global brands. Furthermore, working capital requirements for manufacturers have increased because of COVID-19. This has slowed down the global supply chain and caused many businesses to shut doors.

As a part of their deal with BlackSoil, Fashinza is helping to solve the prevailing industry challenges by finding new opportunities for manufacturers to capitalise on, in essence, Fashinza will provide a one-stop solution and streamlined experience to fashion brands by connecting their demand to MSME manufacturers while handling end-to-end production from design to delivery. On the other hand, BlackSoil has invested $2.7 million to further support the company’s high growth and their potential to scale demand.

Ankur Bansal, Co-Founder, BlackSoil expressed his support and said “Fashinza with its services will play a key role in the apparel industry transition to being tech-driven and more sophisticated by solving the underlying structural gaps and issues in the ecosystem. We are pleased to have partnered with a company which is disrupting and streamlining a highly unorganised and fragmented sector.” 

Abhishek Sharma, Co-Founder, Fashinza in a separate statement said, “The potential of local manufacturers in countries like India and Bangladesh remain unrealized to a great extent owing to financial constraints. With the funds provided by BlackSoil, we’ll not only attract and retain business with such suppliers, but also elevate them to the position of global players.”