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Meesho reaches 9mn women entrepreneurs on its platform


Meesho has recorded 9 million women entrepreneurs on its platform recently. Given its social e-commerce identity, this and the 2.5x year-on-year growth in orders is an indication of the platform’s popularity in India. They are known to provide constant support to women entrepreneurs by helping them attain financial independence through the company’s reselling business model.

This Bangalore-based company is unlocking the market by influencing demand and providing value-conscious customers, affordable products. Around 60% of its customers come from Tier-II and III cities like Dimapur, Faizabad, and Haldawani. 

Vidit Aatrey, Founder, CEO, Meesho on setting this new benchmark, happily admits, “Meesho is championing socioeconomic equity, enabling more women even from the remotest regions to find financial independence, while driving access to affordable and quality products across India’s hinterlands, by supporting entrepreneurship and facilitating accessibility, we are bringing more people from the grassroots online, and driving Bharat’s e-commerce growth story.”

With 15 million total entrepreneurs on the platform, the reseller business model helps anyone who can set a resell business model by setting up online using their mobile phone.