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Licious announces ‘Everyday Vesting, Anytime Liquidation’ ESOPs for employees


Indian has announced that starting January 1, 2022, all its eligible employees will have their . They will also have the option of of ESOPs; no terms & conditions being associated with the liquidation. This opportunity can be availed once the one-year period, as mandated by company law, is over. The company will set aside a pool of secondary funds every year, to enable the . With this ESOP plan, the company hopes to benefit over 1000 employees who currently own ESOPs.

“The pandemic has taught us many lessons, and one among those is to keep your people closest to the organisation and reward them for their hard work and contribution. At Licious, we have been recording unprecedented growth and that too in a highly unorganised market. Our employees’ contribution in this growth trajectory has been enormous and incentivising them well is among our priorities. We are conscious of helping Licians meet their personal and financial goals through wealth creation as we organise the market, and making vesting and buying ESOPs daily, signifies the same,” say and , Co-Founders, Licious.

Earlier this year, the company also extended a worth Rs30 crore which provided opportunities for the employees.