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Luke Couthino launches its e-commerce platform


Luke Coutinho has unveiled his new e-commerce platform, YouCareLifestyle.com, that adds to a sustainable food chain through farmers and vendors who follow ethical practices. Luke has envisaged YouCareLifestyle.com as the definitive destination for all locally sourced products which are made of chemical-free, organic material that generates zero waste by following ethical food practices, an official statement highlighted.

Through the platform, Luke has identified a host of farmers and vendors who follow ethical food practices to offer a delightful shopping experience that shoppers crave. YouCareLifestyle.com, a brainchild of three industry experts, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho, Co-founder of YouCare Lifestyle along with Mr. Narendra Firodia, social entrepreneur, promoter, Co-founder of YouCare Lifestyle, and CFO, Mr. Gautam Kapadi, aims to raise sustainability standards that adds value to the consumers and the planet.  

The platform will be a curated marketplace for sustainable-driven products by small-medium entrepreneurs and will encourage an autonomous marketplace. Ensuring that the farmers are an active part of the marketplace, it directly works with the farmers and vendors sourcing local products. The platform’s core value is to ensure that the community benefits. The idea of the brand is to curate a marketplace that connects the producer to the buyer through the sale and exhibit of globally inspired ethical lifestyle products. Acquainting its customers with an ethical and clean platform that offers holistic health and living to all at an immense value. Innovation, ethical sourcing, and fair-trade practices will lead the platform to offer transparency and accountability to producers. 

This ethical wellness e-store’s offerings comprise a varied range of products that are spread across categories. From food, nutritive items, skincare products to cosmetics, books, clothing, fitness, and accessories the company aims to continue organically building out its existing brand portfolio. These responsibly sourced offerings are passed through a stringent quality test by the research development team before being presented to consumers across India.  

Luke Coutinho, Co-founder of YouCare Lifestyle says, “Through this e-commerce venture, we aim to strengthen the agenda of prevention and carve a novel approach towards consumer health and wellness. We are extremely poised that our actions will position us towards a colossal organised growth that will lead to the development of a portfolio of innovative, sustainable, and defensible products and brands. Our platform strives to make an impact on people and the planet by inspiring conscious lifestyle choices.”