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Jockey expands its retail footprint; opens 1000th store in India

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Page Industries, India’s leading apparel manufacturer and the exclusive licensee of Jockey and Speedo in India announced the launch of Jockey’s 1000th exclusive brand store (EBS) in India. Jockey has further expanded its retail network as it focuses on deeper penetration for accelerated growth in the country.

Jockey entered the India market in 1994 under an exclusive partnership with Page Industries Ltd. and has consistently been gaining market share in the Indian apparel market by offering consumers products which are world-class. Starting its journey with innerwear, the company set itself on course to break stereotypes by setting up the first exclusive innerwear brand store in the country. These exclusive Jockey brand stores are spread across metros as well as smaller towns and play a pivotal role for consumers to experience the Jockey way of life and its range of products under one roof. The launch of the 1,000th exclusive brand store highlights the significance of the traditional retail network spread for Jockey as the company simultaneously focuses on expanding its online presence.

Ganesh V S, Executive Director and CEO, Page Industries, spoke on this occasion and said, “Since its foray into the India market, Jockey has always strived to enhance consumer experience and build a strong brand connect with customers and the exclusive brand stores are a testament to that unwavering focus. The experience of the Jockey way of life at these outlets along with Jockey’s trademark comfort and quality have played a decisive role in driving consumer preference for our products. We continue to expand our network of exclusive branded stores across urban and rural centers while simultaneously exploring newer formats of retailing including online platforms as we continue on our growth journey in the country.”

Rahul Shukla, Chief Retail Officer (CRO) commented on this “Jockey has always continued to capture the consumers imagination right from its inception, catering to both the functional and aspirational needs of the entire family, offering premium quality innovative products, value for money proposition and establishing its leadership position in every product segment & every channel that it operates in. The journey of Jockey retail has been full of successful milestones and has continued to gather pace as it progressed over the years.”




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