Kharawala Products expands its product portfolio with the launch of its Breakfast Mix


Kharawala Products, an importer and wholesaler of dry fruits based at APMC Mumbai, has introduced the latest addition to its product basket in the form of Healthy Breakfast Mix. The company believes that a healthy breakfast is key to a healthy life and the addition of its new product is to ensure that a healthy product can be tasty too. Kharawala’s Breakfast Mix is a perfect blend of nuts, seeds and berries and it contains ingredients such as roasted pumpkin seed, roasted almond, cranberry, black raisin, roasted pecan nuts and hazelnuts.

You can have the Breakfast Mix with a bowl of yogurt, top it with an oatmeal bowl, or just grab a handful of it every morning. The product is high on antioxidants, has zero cholesterol, is low in fat and calories, helps in weight loss and is a rich source of vitamins and protein.