Indians interested to invest in Real Estate ahead of the festive season: Report

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According to a report by YouGov, this Diwali a huge population of Urban Indians are looking forward to investing in real estate. The reason behind this is Diwali and how this festival is considered as an auspicious day to invest in something new. The report stated that more than half of the sample size (51%) of Urban Indians believes that ‘It’s a good time to invest in property’, this also brings a sign of relief for real estate developers and property dealers, given the pandemic-induced market lows. 
The data by YouGov suggested that 72 % of people are interested in buying a residential property and 25% people are going towards commercial property. The top-most way through which consumers are looking to invest in real estate is via financing through home loans, 38% of people opted for this method and another 30% people will use their savings to buy the property and 21% of people will finance a property by selling another property. 
YouGov is a reputed British International internet based market-research firm founded in 2002 and headquartered in London, UK. The company specializes in market research and opinion polling through online methods. 

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