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Kalyan Jewellers partners with ‘Augmont Gold For All’ for various gold products


Kalyan Jewellers, one of the largest jewelry chain of stores has partnered with ‘Augmont Gold For All’ platform to provide various gold products in a seamless tech enabled way to the end customers.

Augmont is one of the largest completely integrated goldtech ecosystem encompassing refining to retailing. It is accredited by NABL and is a member of India Good Delivery on NSE. Its ‘Gold For All’ platform will enable Kalyan’s customers to buy gold and silver from their mobile phones. Also, existing customers already having digi gold on the Augmont app can exchange that for any jewelry at any of the Kalyan stores, online or offline.

Augmont has various partners  and the customers of all these partners will be able to exchange their gold holdings for jewelry at Kalyan stores.

Gold has always been a preferred saving option among Indians, and in the post COVID-19 era it has also emerged as the safest and most lucrative long-term asset. We have witnessed a renewed interest in gold from younger, first time buyers, who are looking at convenient and easy means of purchasing the yellow metal. Through our strategic partnership with Augmont, we have introduced the digital gold feature, to provide a holistic ecosystem for our consumers,” said Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director – Kalyan Jewellers.

Ketan Kothari, Director, Augmont, said ‘Historically, households always used to buy gold coins and bars and get them made into jewelry by their karigars. The buying pattern of consumers have now changed and they prefer buying from branded stores like Kalyan Jewellers. The tech platform provided by Augmont enables Kalyan’s customers to experience the same in a new modern way – online.’ Customers buy gold online at Kalyan (powered by Augmont) and exchange them into gold jewelry of their choice at the Kalyan stores. They can also opt to sell their gold without converting into jewelry.

With Augmont Gold For All customers can buy or sell gold, store gold in secured and insured vaults and opt for doorstep delivery. They can also exchange their gold for jewelry at thousands of jewellers across India. Customers can also avail loans against gold. They can buy gold jewelry on EMI basis. There are also SIP plans to buy gold for a fixed amount every month. Lastly, they can also deposit their gold under the government of India’s gold monetization scheme (GMS).

Kalyan Jewellers, one of the popular brands in the country is also one of the oldest business groups with a family legacy of over a century in business. Kalyan entered into business in a pre-independent India in the year 1908 and is known for their ethical, honest and transparent business practices.

Augmont Gold for All and Kalyan Jewellers have joined hands to make gold accessible to all. The association aims to ensure a seamless experience for all the customers looking to buy gold or silver online. Both Augmont and Kalyan are the most sought  after brands in the country in order to revolutionize the gold and precious metal business.

With Augmont Gold For All Digi Gold partnership, customers can purchase jewellery in exchange of Digi gold at live prices. Kalyan Jewellers is also the sourcing partner for Digi  gold for Augmont Gold For All. The millennials who are more into the ideology of using gold as more of savings and investment asset can now walk-into Kalyan jewellers . This experience  brings in the convenience of fulfilling possibility of savings and investing in gold for any customer.