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Flipkart Wholesale joins hands with Davinta


Flipkart wholesale partners with Davinta, a SME leading platform to offer ‘Buy Now Pay later’ service to its customers, an official statement highlighted. 

Ravi Garikipati, CEO, Davinta commented on this matter “With BNPL we are now allowing retailers across the country to unlock themselves from cash constraints while purchasing supplies and enjoy simple one-click credit access”.

Adarsh Menon, senior vice president and head, Flipkart Wholesale commented on this matter “We are confident that this construct will allow more and more of our Kirana and MSMEs members to enjoy the benefit of accessible and affordable credit in the pursuit of their growth on our platform”

According to the official statement, Flipkart Wholesale is expected to grow 58% in 2021. As the Buy Now Pay Later is getting in the trend.

Davinta, a bengaluru-based company which is founded by Ravi Garikipati, ex-Flipkart CTO which focuses on micro-enterprises and the BNPL credit facility designed for small retailers.