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PayNearby launches NeoDukaan to empower 100 mn retailers


PayNearby launched its store management tool ‘NeoDukaan’ with an aim to digitize retail stores and motivate retailers to take the digital route. The company has partnered with Retailers Association Skill Council of India (RASCI) in an effort to modernize the retail sector across the country. The new service will empower retailers by providing them multiple options such as digital payment, digital ledger for credit management and online buying options in bulk.

PayNearby launches Neodhukan to empower 100 mn retailers

The company has enabled 38+ lakh users across 17,600 pincodes to have a strong online presence and also ensured that the small shops are not left behind availing this service, according to the official statement. 

The NeoDukaanapp – store management provides an end-to-end comprehensive suite that helps retailers to modernize their stores, simplify their lives and bring them at par with the times, the statement added. Additionally, the company has set an ambitious target of onboarding 100 million retailers by 2025.

The new app will offer a wide range of payment options for the customers UPI QR, Aadhaar Pay, mPOS and SoftPOS. The NeoDukaan also added a feature “Customer Khata’ as most of the business run in Tier II, III cities runs on credit amount, the service will be easy to maintain digital ledger to manage customer credits more efficiently. The app will also provide retailers to shop from various wholesale procurement alternatives such as BigBasket, ITC, Unnati etc.

Anand Kumar Bajaj, Founder, MD & CEO, PayNearby commented on this new launch “We are thrilled to present the PayNearby NeoDukaan app to help our retail partners grow non-stop in life.  PayNearby NeoDukaan is an effort committed to enabling financial inclusiveness and the economic wellbeing of the retailers. PayNearby NeoDukaan will be a game-changer for the mass retail community offering them opportunities to acquire new customers, engage better with existing customers and reduce the cost of operations. PayNearby NeoDukaan will transform every shop in the country into a shop ready for a new era.”

“As an organization, PayNearby acknowledges the deep symbiotic relationship it has with the retailer community, and with PayNearby NeoDukaan, we want to assure the progress of our retailers. Our association with RASCI will ensure that our retail partners have all they need to get ahead in life.” 

James A. Raphael, Executive Head – Retailers Association, Skill Council of India (RASCI) and Joint Central Apprenticeship Adviser – Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (GOI) said, “PayNearby is paving the way to bridge the gulf of Bharat and India. NeoDukaan is a committed stride towards the digital empowerment of local retail at the last mile. It will position Indian retailers at the forefront of a new consumption economy whilst offering a huge stimulus to the ‘Digital India’ movement.