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Once Upon A Trunk partners with Netcore Cloud to offer AI-enabled personalised experiences


Fashion and lifestyle has partnered with company  towards elevating their USP of personalised styling experiences for online shoppers. Empowered by ’s AI-led data-driven segmentation, the e-tailer will now be able to individually cater to the unique personalities of their consumers by engaging in more intelligent, relevant and effective conversations.

Speaking on this partnership, , of Once Upon A Trunk, said, “For Once Upon A Trunk, we wanted to ensure our customers have a personalised experience considering the massive catalogue on our online store. To achieve this, we implemented personalised widgets on the homepage, PDP and PLP that studied user preferences and shared product recommendations customised for each user. As a result, we observed a contribution of 28 per cent in overall revenue within 90 days.”

Launched in 2015, Once Upon a Trunk offers products to its customers from styling experiences at home to tailor-made recommendations on designs. Recognising the need for more data-driven customisation to ensure consumer delight, Once Upon a Trunk took interest in Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered product recommendation engine for consumer engagement. Netcore Cloud’s proprietary AI algorithms will grant Once Upon a Trunk a single-view of its consumers. This will empower them to deliver more contextual product recommendations to its customers leading to improvement in the add-to-cart rate, conversion rate, and thereby overall revenue.

, , Netcore Cloud, said, “Our recent ‘Ecommerce Personalisation Benchmark Report 2021’ has revealed that more than 3 in 4 shoppers are looking for a more personalised customer experience, and 7 in 10 retailers who invested in personalizing CX have seen an ROI of at least 4X. Such personalised experiences backed by proprietary data are difficult for competitors to imitate. We are confident that with our full-stack martech solutions, we will enable Once Upon a Trunk to not only differentiate but also gain a superior competitive advantage over their peers.”