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Vernacular.ai changes name to Skit, and starts new HO base at New York


Voice AI company Vernacular.ai has rebranded itself as ‘Skit’. With this move, the company aims to cater the international market and meet the customer-rising expectations in the international market. The company has opened up its headquarters in NewYork.

Vernacular.ai changes name to Skit, and starts new HO base at New York

According to the official statement, The company is also expanding its focus to more than one language and voice, to make room for innovations and endless possibilities, it has claimed in an official statement. They also added, the new name was generated with artificial intelligence using a series of keywords filters. The new word Skit means to move lightly and rapidly, and  is representative of the company’s agile and energetic approach to solving challenges and scaling growth,  

Sourabh Gupta, Co-founder and CEO made a statement on this matter “Through this brand refresh, we want to define our future goals as we propel Skit to our next level of growth and innovation. While Vernacular.ai covered only part of our voice operations, which is extensive language support, Skit will capture and embody our voice platform as a whole, which will allow us to advance in our future vision. Each interaction between a business and its customers is an opportunity to create something remarkable. Using our core technology, we want to introduce the future of customer experiences to the world”.

The pandemic has disrupted the retail space and has forced brands and retailers to make a foray into the digital space. This transition has mainly hiked up shifts and operations in the customer centres and the waiting time has started to increase 30 to 40 times as compared to pre-COVID days. Voice.Ai, now known as Skit has bridged this gap for its customers by helping solve 80% of the repetitive queries through AI. This way, it has been able to enhance the customer experience, resolution rates and overall ROI for its customers.