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Archiesbeauty.com opens up their platform to Local Indian cosmetics brands


Archiesbeauty.com has initiated a move in support of Indian brands. To further give impetus to the Indian market and support the government’s ‘vocal for local’ initiative, the emerging e-commerce platform from Archies has teamed up with over 75+ Indian brands that includes Mamaearth,Chicco, Khadi Naturals, Beardo and many more. The product of these brands will be showcased and will be available on both offline stores and online platforms for Archies.

Archiesbeauty.com opens up their platform to Local Indian cosmetics brands

Mamaearth, which turns out to be a 500 crore run-rate brand, is also excited to join hands with ArchiesBeauty.com and Archies store for a special exclusive range of products.

We spoke to Hanisha Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer of Archies.com about this recent announcement, the brand’s plans for the festive season, the shift in trends for the gift industry and much more.

What are your plans ahead of the festive season?

Taking a cue from the parent company, Archies Beauty too is all about joy of utility and quality gifting. Since the festive season has already begun and at the same time we have to follow all the COVID appropriate behaviours, we feel people would prefer to send gifts to their near and dear ones rather than meeting them personally on a jovial occasion. Therefore, we are making our gifting section more robust.

Mother and child care gifting items are our next focal point this festive season as this sector is currently on boom.

We are consciously bringing on board those brands who are into utility items and are ready to offer some exclusive gifting sets for our platform.

What are the major shifts that you are bringing within the gift category of your brand, ahead of the pandemic?

We have shifted our base more towards utility gifting. We are venturing into personal care and beauty items because these are the items which we need on our day to day basis. Since we have so much time in our hands, people are taking good care of themselves by allocating a large chunk of their expenses on personal care and beauty items.

Give us an insight into some challenges you have been facing when catering gift packages through online portal ? 

Most of our festive collections are gift sets. So, at times, we get such a buyer who just wants probably two items from the gift set and the third one he doesn’t want. Since, they themselves can’t select the items; we at times face challenges in serving our consumers’ needs. We are also coming up with the solution by adding customization feature in the long run.

Do you think online stores will dominate the offline retail ?

It would be unfair to say that the online stores will have better luck. We feel that both online and offline will go hand in hand. We are pretty confident that Archies retail will achieve big numbers along with Archies Beauty. But, we cannot say that the sales of Archies Beauty will overshadow the revenue earned by the Archies retail.