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Surya Brasil is ready to go big in India


Surya Brasil, a globally trusted company known for its vegan and personal ayurvedic products is ready to enter the Indian market.

Surya Brasil is ready to go big in India

The brand will initially bring all-natural henna hair colour Cream (hair colour), colour fixation restorative shampoo and colour fixation conditioner to the Indian market.

With market presence in more than 40 countries, the products of the company already have a worldwide presence as the products are free of chemical substances. 

Surya Brasil India’s presence plays a significant role for the company, as the company’s roots originate from Ayurveda. 

The company will launch its products from a starting range of Rs 925.

Clelia Cecilia AngelonSurya Brasi, Founder & CEO Clelia Cecilia Angelon commented on this matter, “There have been many -launches for us since inception, but this one is personally very special due to my affinity and empathy for Indian culture. I have visited India many times and each of my visits has been a learning yet fun-filled experience. We expect a similar journey for Surya Brasil amid Indian consumers, as all our products are crafted keeping consciousness and sustainability of all living beings and environment in mind”. She further added that all products have been crafted taking into consideration the needs of Indian consumers by combining the power of Ayurveda and technology along with the rich natural resources of Brazil.

Surya Brasil, is a privately held company located in Brazil founded by Clelia Cecilia Angelon in 1995. 

During the pandemic, the company managed to expand its presence across six new countries. Now, Surya Brasil has a presence in over 40 countries and is spread across all seven continents.