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Manna Foods’ millet range posts impressive growth as health aspirations grow


With its focus on providing high quality nutrition products, Southern Health Foods Private Limited (SHFPL), a Chennai-based food and beverage company, has seen consumer awareness for its products rise sharply, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. The company has witnessed a huge upswing in demand for its millet and millet value-add products. Its key brands are currently growing at over 40% annually, and over the next three to four years, the brand is poised to grow at an even faster pace.        

The health drink space is booming given the current Covid-19 crisis with terms such as immunity, fibre-rich foods, etc, becoming more than just buzz words. Consumers are looking to switch from the traditional health drinks with big claims to now really understanding the science behind the food and drink they consume. This switch to nutrition from natural sources is now slowly becoming real and products that provide good nutrition and have a variety of nutrients are clearly set to grow in this market. There is a palpable consumer shift happening from rice-based products to millet-based products and SHFPL has positioned itself to tap this emerging opportunity.

SHFPL’s flagship brand is Manna Foods, which offers a line of health drink products for different consumer segments, including kids, teenagers, young adults and families.

Manna Health Mix is the company’s flagship product whereas millet value-added products form a large part of Manna’s product portfolio. Other contributing products are Millet Grains, Brown Rice, Instant food like Go Grains, Ragi Malt & Badam Mix and Multigrain Atta, along with a ready-to-cook range. Manna will continue to innovative with its range and add more millet value-add products to its portfolio.

“Manna will continue to innovative with its range and add more value-added millet products to the portfolio,” says Murugan N, CEO, Manna Foods.

Manna Health Mix, a children’s health drink made of 14 natural ingredients, is an all-natural product promising 100% natural nutrition.  The product contains no added sugar, flavour or colour.

Manna Go Grains is focussed on providing 24 essential growth nutrients and seven Immunity builders. However, unlike other health drinks, the product is low on added sugar and is made with seven grains that are nutrient rich and a powerhouse of energy.

As a predominantly a south-based company, Manna products were only available in Tamil Nadu and in the large southern metros. However now, the company is expanding to all states in South India. Manna products are available in all the modern retail chains and large kirana outlets in metros across south India. The company is also expanding its brand footprint to key outlets in all key metros across India. Besides, its national aspirations are being driven by e-commerce as well with the products selling at all the big online market places.

Looking into the future, the company feels that there are great opportunities for growth and it will invest its efforts in building up consumer awareness about the health benefits of millet-based products, and work to price these products affordably.