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Amazon India to offer Covid-19 financial support for frontline teams


Amazon India has launched a Covid-19 relief scheme (CRS) under which it will provide financial assistance to frontline teams of associates hired through staffing agencies and other eligible employees with a Covid-19 allowance and additional hospital reimbursement, according to a PTI report.

The Covid-19 allowance is a one-time grant per employee of Rs 30,600 for in-house Covid care, medical equipment, or medication related expenses, the company said in a blog.

If employees exceed their maximum insurance cover due to Covid-19 related hospitalisation expenses, Amazon India will also additionally reimburse insurance-approved hospital expenses up to Rs 1.9 lakh, it added.

The company is also providing a special pay of up to Rs 1,500 to all associates working through staffing agencies for both doses of the vaccine. In addition, it is enabling vaccination for its associates and employees through various other channels, including reimbursements and facilitating easy access to hospitals.

Amazon India had recently announced that it would cover the Covid-19 vaccination cost for more than 10 lakh individuals, including its India employees, sellers, associates as well as its operations partner network of Delivery Service Partner (DSP) associates, including Amazon Flex drivers, I Have Space (IHS) store partners, trucking partners and their eligible dependents.