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Startup beauty brand Nourish Mantra joins plastic elimination mission


Taking another big stride towards being a circular beauty brand, Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare brand Nourish Mantra has announced the launch proud of a new ‘Conscious Collection’, which will use planet-friendly packaging with aluminum, glass or post-consumer recycled plastic — allowing consumers to recycle their product packaging.

Nourish Mantra is an Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare brand from India launched in January 2020. The brand focuses on recreating ancient skincare formulations for modern living. Their products range from traditional Mud Masks to potent treatments like Rejuvenating Facial Oil. Their mantra is conscious living, with a connection of the body, mind, and soul. Hence, in addition to taking a traditional approach and backing it up with modern science, their products are made from effective, safe, ethically sourced ingredients and are 100% vegan.

As part of its continuing efforts to be a sustainable beauty brand, and reduce its plastic footprint,  Nourish Mantra’s Conscious Collection packaging is completely plastic neutral. While the transition of the entire product portfolio will take some time, the brand plans to add new products to this collection and eventually be a brand with 100% plastic neutral packaging. This is being done in collaboration with Plastic Collective, the Australian social enterprise. Nourish Mantra is the first Indian beauty brand to be certified by them.

Established in 2017, the Plastic Neutral Credit System enables companies to calculate their plastic footprint and reduce & offset it by purchasing Plastic Credits. These credits help create employment within remote and vulnerable communities and generate funds for community based social and well-being initiatives while cleaning the surrounding environment and oceans.

“As a company, we wanted to, and continue to do our bit to offset the plastic footprint. With our new eco-friendly packaging, we hope to make a difference in some way and soldier on in our endeavour towards sustainability. As much as brands like us can make the changes, the real difference will be seen only when the consumers themselves put the environment first in their shopping choices,” said Ritika Jayaswal, Founder & CEO.

The Conscious Collection is being launched with two new products – Cinnamon & Hemp Divya Body Oil & Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil. The packaging of these products is aluminum, and unlike plastic, aluminum is infinitely recyclable and has a considerably low environmental impact.

 “All our products have been formulated without any questionable ingredients like parabens or SLS, and are vegan and cruelty-free. With the new Conscious Collection, we are taking our efforts up a notch – same mantra, new packaging, and  positively impacting lives in vulnerable communities,’’ added Jayaswal.