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Social e-comm startup ShopG to reach 1.5 mn women in tier II, III towns


Backed by the success of its D2C-owned brand ‘Ohayo Natural’, serving tier II and III customers, ShopG aims to address the gap in the skincare segment needs for these customers. Already, 10,000 women have turned to the Ohayo Natural range of products for daily use. 

The brand will be reaching 1.5 million women in smaller towns and cities cities pan-India, catering to unfulfilled aspirations for natural, chemical-free products in FY22. Meanwhile, it has registered adoption by 20,000 women across cities in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Ohayo Natural is currently producing 25,000 units per month of three natural face washes.

Since the December 2020 Ohayo Natural launch, the brand is witnessing a 100% month-on-month consumer base growth. The brand also intends to introduce four new product variants by next month.

Says Abhishek Mishra, Co-founder – ShopG: “D2C products currently in the market are meant for urban consumers and often sold at much higher price points. However, consumers in tier II and III locations also aspire for quality items at affordable prices but natural products at high rates have been beyond the reach of these customers, given their limited means. Therefore, ShopG will be providing natural, chemical-free and affordable skincare products via its social e-commerce platform to India’s remotest corners.”

ShopG was founded in 2019 by Ankur Arora, Abhishek Mishra, Pranay Suwalka and Yogesh Nehra, alumni of IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and ISB with experience in building and scaling start-ups such as Cleartax, Ola, Rivigo and Delhivery. ShopG began with the vision to introduce the next 500 million Internet users from beyond India’s top cities to the mainstream, modern retail e-commerce. The startup is realizing its vision by building a network of local community leaders and micro-entrepreneurs while working with regional brands and establishing a vernacular, browse-based, fun, engaging and easy social shopping platform.

The social e-commerce platform claims to be serving customers at Zero CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and a 10X better supply chain while providing a curated range of small branded products and D2C-owned brands at affordable prices.