eBay ramps up hires in the US and Germany to strengthen user engagement

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eBay’s recent hiring trend reveals that job postings in the US and Germany contributed to 50% and 20% of its total job postings, respectively, since January 2021, finds GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “eBay’s increased hiring in the US and Germany indicate the growing number of buyers on its platform. During the 2020 holiday season, one in seven eBay users in Germany made a purchase on the platform while this rose to one in ten for US visitors, according to the company. Exclusive brand campaigns for the two regions, coupled with increased  demand for online shopping due to the pandemic, gave a boost to eBay’s high user engagement.”

Thalluri continues: “eBay’s US job postings aim to strengthen the attraction of the site to both seller and buyers.  Around half of the jobs posted in 2021 were for engineers across various specializations, including a key senior position – Director of Engineering – to optimize the platform’s search experience for customers. A significant share of jobs were for data experts to decode customer science and product managers to redefine the company’s messaging.”

Key jobs in the US included Director of Product Management; Director of Paid Marketing Analytics; Director of Customer Engagement Science; Director of Buyer Risk Management; and Senior Integrated Marketing Manager.

Thalluri adds: “Most jobs in Germany related to marketing and advertising, as well as developing business strategy. Interestingly, eBay’s refurbished products category seems to be in high demand: GlobalData’s Job Analytics database found that eBay created a refurb team in Germany in 2021, with four  job postings to build an inventory of refurbished products and acquire new sellers and business partnerships.”

Notable jobs in Germany included Director of Operations; Head of Vertical Strategy; Business Development Manager for Refurb; Marketing and Analytics Manager; and Germany Counterfeits Policy Management. Additionally, a position for Category Manager was posted in January 2021 for over 12 verticals, including home interior, luxury sneakers, motors and fashion. These verticals will be expanded into further sub-categories and develop user experience by offering more filter options and specific categories for users to browse while on eBay.

Thalluri concludes: “With eBay prioritizing increasing conversion on its platforms, hiring will be pronounced across various verticals in the coming months.”

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