Homegrown toy brand Skoodle to promote sustainability with new ‘Toy Lab’ concept

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In order to take a growing child’s imagination beyond just play and tap into the curious spirits, Stone Sapphire’s flagship toy brand Skoodle is working on the concept of Toy Lab. Set to be India’s finest, one-of-its-kind laboratory for toy concepts, the mission is to deliver toy creations that enhance play-and-learn value for kids of different age groups.

An integral work of the Lab would be to research and develop toy concepts that stimulate art and cognitive faculty of the players. And to achieve this, the Lab would create a bright and fantastical zone for toy testers and players which will be a playground for diverse ideas and exploration of play concepts. Modes of art exploration would be conducted using paper mache sculptures, graffitis, cardboard designs, moving pixels, photography and workshops for pre-teens and teens.

While the world is now mass-producing cheaper goods using toxic raw materials than ever before, promoting eco-friendly and sustainability concepts in toys is a key cause the members would be focusing on.

“To provide an ecosystem of resources for toy innovators and artists for research, development, and market access, we have created Toy Lab by Skoodle,” says Vick Rana, Group Chairman of Red Ridge Global. Rana has been serving some of the biggest global market players which include Disney, Play-Doh, Marvel Avengers, Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol and the list is never ending.

“Over a period of time, we aim at building a community of creators who craft toys and art products meant to mitigate the challenges of parenting and enabling children for now and the future,” he emphasises.

To familiarise the concept, the Toy Lab will conduct an outreach program through several workshops that promote the value of play and art in our lifestyles.

The Lab will have art students and design mavericks as members who would work on the research and design part. To drive the force with expertise and strategic direction, there will be toy connoisseurs, commercial designers, child psychologists, art directors and academicians on the mentor council.

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