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Orika: Pushing the envelope with ethics & innovation


Orika is a premium spices and seasonings brand dedicated to accentuating everyday meals with unparalleled flavours and aromas. From the pristine foothills of Kashmir to the lush green meadows of Turkey, the brand’s spices are handpicked from across the world. Backed by thousands of hectares of responsible sourcing, only the most authentic, fresh, and premium spice varieties make it to Orika. The brand has recently added a range of immunity boosting drinks to its portfolio.

Product Categories

Orika offers a variety of premium spices and seasonings under one roof. The brand’s product basket can be broadly categorized into 4 main segments:

  • Spices like Chicken Masala, Garam Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, etc.
  • Marinades like Tandoori, Smokey Garlic and Amritsari Marinade.
  • Seasonings like Peri Peri, Hyderabadi Biryani, Italian Seasoning, etc.
  • Immunity Boosting Drinks include Turmeric Immunity Mix.

Role of Packaging

With the recent shift from unorganized/street food to packaged foods, product packaging has evolved to focus on accessibility and convenience. In line with this, Orika’s packaging has changed as well and now features airtight zip lock packs with a pictorial depiction of multiple applications of its range of seasonings, marinades, etc.

The brand’s immunity boosters are packed in ‘one-serve sachets’ to avoid any confusion about portion size. The packs are also designed to take less space in consumers’ bags.

Product Innovation

Since the pandemic, consumers have shown a keen interest in safeguarding health and immunity. Witnessing an opportunity, Orika launched its range of immunity boosting products. The brand’s turmeric immunity blend has 100 times more bio availability of curcumin as compared to regular turmeric drinks. Within a very short span, the brand received an overwhelming response. So much so that the bundles of immunity boosters were picked up even as Diwali gifts.

“If we talk about the technological aspect, responsible farming would be the highlight in the coming years. Companies have started taking measures to minimise their carbon and ecological footprints. We already have a sustainable sourcing program running across different parts of the country focusing on these aspects,” says , Managing Director, .

Outlook for Immunity Boosting Food Products

The pandemic has drastically changed the consumer habits globally. Everyone now has become more conscious about their food intake, with focus on immunity and health. Orika believes that the focus on vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins is not a short term one. In fact, going ahead, the demand for products that elevate health and immunity is only going to increase.

“I think, the next big change we will see in the coming years is the rise in demand of natural ingredients and products, which are farm fresh, produced organically and sustainably with minimal processing so that their natural nutrients remain intact,” concludes Budhiraja.