Home Retail Employees' Day 2016 Parkside enables organic food producer to achieve its compostable packaging mission

Parkside enables organic food producer to achieve its compostable packaging mission


For over 30 years, Riverford has been growing organic produce across England and France, providing customers with ethically responsible food that supports the environment, farmers, and local wildlife. The company currently uses 82% less plastic in its food packaging when compared to mainstream supermarkets and has a precise aim of ensuring all its packaging meets its environmental agenda.

Chloe Avery, NPD & Project Manager commented: “As a company, we always strive to make valued and informed choices when it comes to matters concerning the environment. This commitment is reflected across our product range and in the packaging we use. We have made a packaging promise that, by December 2020, all our fruit and vegetable packaging will be home compostable.”

Park2NatureTM, the solution chosen by Riverford, is a sustainable, TUV accredited compostable range of flexible packaging laminates, made from renewable resources such as ethically sourced plant fibres. The design enables brands, producers, and retailers to lessen their reliance on petrochemicals. Park2Nature enables robust product protection through the food supply chain, while also providing enhanced shelf-life capabilities alongside meeting strict food hygiene standards.

Staci Bye, New Business Development Manager at , said: “Riverford and the Park2Nature range fit seamlessly together. It was a pleasure to support the team in its mission to provide customers with a home compostable packaging solution.

“We are thrilled with the continued success of Park2Nature; its development has nearly been a decade in the making. Through extensive independent trials, the laminates have been TUV accredited to demonstrate breakdown in home composting conditions with zero impact on the environment and eco-toxicity.”