How pull marketing saved businesses from sinking during the pandemic

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In simple words, pull marketing is an approach that marketers use to draw customers to a brand through search engine optimization (SEO) and other non-intrusive methods. With the pandemic, social distancing became the call of the day and push marketing encompassing the traditional marketing approaches took a backseat. With people staying more at home and stepping out only for the essentials, the need to reach out to the consumers ‘where they are’ became a necessity, more than ever. The ultimate goal of pull marketing is to strengthen consumer awareness for a brand and products and nurture demand for it. Thus, pull marketing builds a stronger brand community of loyalists and is a more sustainable long term approach, since it’s more organic.

Pull Marketing Under the Spotlight

“The current business landscape is a shout out to more innovative handles of content and engagement, which is a positive shift from the push marketing approach alone. A unified 360 implementation of content driven performance marketing is the need of the times. While consumers have seamlessly adopted digital formats of consumption, contextual brand marketing delivering far higher results is a no-brainer,” highlights Navin Joshua, Founder & Director – GreenHonchos.

Pull marketing includes product placement, social media marketing, corporate sponsorship, content marketing and native advertising. The strategy for marketing is built using the customer empathy model of Discover-Engage-Action to keep content and context relevant.

How Does Pull Marketing Help?

Pull marketing works as the opposite of push marketing and the goal of pull marketing is to get the customers to come to you. From the retail aspect, pull marketing is more actionable and leveraging of the off-page factors the marketing principles are used to build authority and awareness. With a major shift in perception and approach to look at marketing, changeover from Keyword Research to Intent Research for content strategy, pull marketing has emerged as the hero in the New Normal.

One of the primary advantage of pull marketing is that the consumers will actively seek out for your product, once you succeed with your marketing ordeal and it removes the pressure of conducting outbound marketing. Also, as a new brand or retailer you can use this to test your product’s acceptance in the market and obtain genuine consumer feedback on your product.

Building the Pull Marketing Funnel

To successfully generate more buzz using pull marketing, we need to build a funnel, which makes the pull marketing approach more pointed and segmented.

  • Capture: Attracting and capturing potential leads
  • Nurture: Nurturing the leads you have captured to make them your brand’s loyalists
  • Improve: Improving and monitoring your leads in the long run to make them stay hooked to your brand

Keeping these new marketing trends in mind, IMAGES Business of Fashion in association with GreenHonchos and Internet Commerce Summit has organized the Customer 360 Strategy, a three-part series of authoritative category-specific retail intelligence for a digitised consumer landscape.

Themed on ‘Enabling Intelligent Retail’, the series comprises three virtual discussions, including one each on Apparel, Fashion Accessories, and Lifestyle Products, to be conducted on December 22, 2020, January 22, 2021, and February 5, 2021, respectively.

The upcoming session scheduled for January 22, 2021, will walk us through topics related to marketing and personalization and will bring out a dialogue between prominent names of the retail industry basis the topic: RISE OF THE MARKETPLACES MAKING BRANDS REWORK THEIR PERSONALISATION APPROACHES

Stay tuned to gain more insights and first hand knowhow about marketing trends and tips!

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