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Clarks streamlines omnichannel strategy


British footwear brand Clarks announced a partnership with Fynd to power the brand’s omnichannel strategy. The technology enables Clarks to digitally expand it’s brick-and-mortar stores and fulfil orders from customers anywhere in the country.

Clarks streamlines omnichannel strategy

As more shoppers turn towards e-commerce, the brand understands the hesitation towards in-store shopping and has exercised a unified approach of bringing together e-commerce and brick and mortar stores, to provide customers with a great experience.

The omnichannel solution helps Clarks solve inventory challenges by balancing the brand’s inventory across sales channels and improving its store and warehouse efficiency. It also empowers the store associates with a higher degree of autonomy to enable store sales.

Kunal Sethi, General Manager, E-commerce and Digital at Clarks, said: “The retail industry has faced an onslaught of challenges during COVID-19. Fynd stands out as a retail vaccine for brands like Clarks, by providing us with an omnichannel ecosystem that ensures increased loyalty and conversions through a smooth, unified and personalized customer experience.”

Clarks is already live on Myntra marketplace. In the coming months, it looks forward to creating seamless customer journeys by integrating all the touchpoints, be it a store or warehouse.